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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Community Channel screening of Being King Arthur

Community Channel screening of Being King Arthur Image

Being King Arthur, a film we co-produced about the self-proclaimed reincarnation of the mythical King Arthur, will be screened eight times this month on the Community Channel (free to air channel available in all UK homes).

  • 12th December at 22:30
  • 18th December at 21:30
  • 23rd December at 20:00
  • 24th December at 20:30
  • 25th December at 12:30 and 05:30
  • 26th December at 20:30
  • 31st December at 00:30



Is it possible to be the reincarnation of a mythical monarch? King Arthur Pendragon says yes, here he is.

In 1986, Johnny Rothwell, a former British soldier turned biker had a realisation. The daydream world he would often drift into when he was a child was in fact dark-age Britain. He was the reincarnation of the mythical King Arthur.

Since then, equipped in full battle robes and crown, carrying his four and a half foot Celtic broad sword Excalibur (made for the 1981 movie) and riding his trusty steed - a Triumph motorcycle - he has taken up his quest: to fight for truth, honour and justice.

Being King Arthur tells the story of a very modern day druid King and his Knights of the Round Table at their castle Camelot - Stonehenge.

Directed by Max Conil
Co-produced by Dominic Brown & Max Conil

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