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Monday, October 24, 2011

Forgotten Bird of Paradise screening at New Caledonia film festival

Forgotten Bird of Paradise screening at New Caledonia film festival Image

Forgotten Bird of Paradise has been confirmed for screening at a film festival being held in New Caledonia in the Pacific. ânûû-rû âboro  (“a man’s shadow”), will be held this October featuring films from across the Pacific.

Human dignity is often associated with struggles for emancipation and freedom. Since the signing of the Nouméa Accord in May 1998, the Kanak People and the citizens of New Caledonia have been engaged in a decolonisation process, which will lead to full sovereignty if it is so decided.

This aspiration for self-respect is shared by other peoples of the world. The anûû-rû âboro festival seeks to echo the commotion in the world and the voices of its peoples by promoting documentary film. Documentaries can be a common language spoken by all the peoples of the world.

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