Max White cover image
1. More  
2. Warm Fire  
3. Blue  
4. Feel the Bass
5. Who Warms the Sun?
6. Kissing the Sun  
7. Nobody Cares Anyway  
8. Alcohol and Chemicals  
9. Beat of the Drum  
10. Hole  
11. Here's to You  
12. Down On My Knees  
13. People Love the World  
14. You Don't Mind Being Alone  

Max White - Who Warms the Suns

'A beautiful blend of visceral blues, aching sweet gospel melodocism, jazz grooves and roots rock' - the debut album offering from Max White is simply stunning. 'Who Warms The Sun' is a delightful array of songs, a soundtrack for the soul that will leave you in awe.

Format: CD

Date: 2005