Arthur PendragonIn 1986, Johnny Rothwell, a former British soldier turned biker had a realisation. The daydream world he would often drift into when he was a child was in fact dark-age Britain. He was the reincarnation of the mythical King Arthur.

Since then, equipped in full battle robes and crown, carrying his four and a half foot Celtic broad sword Excalibur (made for the 1981 movie) and riding his trusty steed – a Triumph motorcycle – he has taken up his quest: to fight for truth, honour and justice.

Provided with rare and exclusive access and shot over the course of a year, Being King Arthur tells the story of a very modern day druid King and his Knights of the Round Table at their castle Camelot – Stonehenge.

Directed by Max Conil
Produced by Dominic Brown & Max Conil
30 mins   |   2013   |   16:9

– Community Channel, UK, 2014
– Official selection – Byron Bay International Film Festival, 2013
– Seattle True Independent Festival, 2013
– Justice Film Festival, 2013